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            This Code of Conduct and Rule of Engagement is a set rules, codes, and agreements that all clan members should follow.  This will cover areas such as the website and gaming online.  It is meant to encourage respect and cooperation amongst all clan members.  Rotten to the Core is made up of people from all over with different backgrounds.  Members may not always get along and that will always be unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t be courteous to one another.  We are one clan.  We are one team.


       Rotten to the Core Website and Forum Usage


The Rotten to the Core (RTTC) website is intended for RTTC clan members and guests.  The site is split into two main sections: public and members only.  Anyone can visit the public forums and post and comment.  Members only board is for RTTC clan members.


When posting to RTTC website please be respectful of other's posts and comments.  Debating is never a bad thing, as there will always be difference of opinions, but remember to polite, respectful, and show that you have a higher sense of decorum. 


When posting an article or any other information please cite or include a link to the original source material.  While RTTC encourages posting and chatting on the website, we cannot condone plagiarism.  We will not be viewed as a site that steals information.    

       Rotten to the Core Application and Membership


Anyone wishing to join RTTC needs to fill out an application located in the application section of the website.  You must sign up on the website before you fill out an application.


Please make sure you answer every question.  Failure to do so could result in a decline in your application.  We do not accept people who are currently in other clans.  We do this to discourage clan hopping and for as much of an effort we will put into you, we would hope you would equally put an effort into RTTC.


Once your application has been approved you will be given a two week trial period.  It is highly encouraged that you play with as many clan members as you can.  Only RTTC members can vote you into the clan.


If the votes are not in the applicants favor they can try again (depending on the reasons of denial) in a month’s time.  If the applicant is denied again for a third time then the application process stops and the person can no longer become a part of RTTC.  This is meant to help discourage continuous applying after multiple failures.


If the applicant becomes a member of RTTC, after their trial period ends, then they go from being recruits to the rank of private and are now a part of RTTC and will be granted access to the Members Only part of the forums.


All applicants must be recommended by somebody who is already a member of RTTC.  The member who recommends the applicant must provide reasons as to why the applicant should be a part of RTTC.  An application cannot move forward until the clan member, who was listed as the referral, makes the recommendation.  This is to discourage random name dropping on the applicant’s part. 




Now when somebody applies to become an RTTC member they still go through everything mentioned above but now there is a new process added.  In order for a person to be eligble to be voted on they must play and earn the recommendation of someone who has an Officer's rank.  This will help ensure that we are bringing in good people, and not just random players.


If a person is added to RTTC via Call of Duty Clan Wars App or any other game specific app they need to register on RTTC website as well.  They also need to go through the trial application process as well.  They are not exempt from the application process because they were added from a gaming app.


RTTC is an 18 year old and older gaming clan.  No applications will be accepted of anyone who is not 18 years and older.


      Rotten to the Core General and Tournament Code of Conduct


General Game Play


RTTC clan members should actively ensure that they show decorum while gaming.  Clan members should show that they understand the difference between friendly banter and blatant trash talking.  RTTC clan members should show that RTTC is above such things.


Even though general gameplay is just playing regular matches in the games each game should be played to win.  It is never a bad thing to give it your all just remember to show good sportsmanship.  Whether you win or lose the match be a good sport.  It is ok to take a licking from the enemy team and still say good game.  It doesn’t hurt to say good game either after giving the other team a good licking of their own.


When playing with other fellow RTTC clan members, whether on the same team or opposing team, professionalism should be maintained at all times.  It should go without saying that trash talking and blatant hostility toward other RTTC clan members will not be tolerated.  If you and your team don’t wish to play against other clan members then state so or switch to offline.  Just as the other clan members should respect your decision of how you wish to play. 


 Just remember to always be respectful of your fellow clan members and to show good sportsmanship with the opposing team.


When competing in clan wars that involve teams playing in regular playlists clan members should avoid jumping into game sessions that other clan members are playing in already.  By jumping into the game session that clan members are already in could knock that game out contention.


Tournament/Game Battles/Clan Matches


When RTTC joins a tournament, all members should adhere to the tournaments rules and regulations.  The clan members must make sure they setup lobbies to the standards of the hosting tournament.


RTTC clan members are to be professional at all times during the matches and throughout the tournament.   Poor sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated.  During the tournament each clan member is a representation of Rotten to the Core Gaming clan.  Each clan member should show decorum to the other team and to the hosts of the tournament.


If RTTC enters gaming sites that host gaming battles or major league gaming, all the clan members that partake in the game battles need to follow the rules of engagement set forth by the hosting website.  As always, RTTC clan members should show good sportsmanship while in game battles.


If RTTC is challenged by another clan and accepts then both parties should setup rules for the match.  Clan members should ensure that they adhere to the rules set forth by both sides when doing the clan battle. 


As always have fun while playing in tournaments, game battles, and clan matches.  Nothing wrong with being proud and wanting to win.


      RTTC Clan Tournaments and Events


Rotten to the Core will host in clan gaming events.  It is to promote unity and to have some fun.  Such activities could include posting on forums, best screen shots, videos, and in house tournaments with the winning of prizes.


Participation is encouraged but not required.  Only those who partake in the events/tournaments are eligible to win a prize.  Prizes will vary.  There will be NO money substitution for prizes.


The winner or winners must provide an address in which the prize could be shipped to (if the prize is an object of some kind).  If the winner or winners do not provide an address in time, set by the rules for the event/tournament, then the next runner up gets the prize.


Rules for the tournaments and events will be provided for when that particular event is held.  Not every tournament and event will be the same so each one will have its own unique rules.


Events and tournaments are meant to encourage clan unity, website participation, and for just good old fun.  Be competitive with each other, have friendly banter, just remember we are all one team that wants to have fun. 


      Discharge From RTTC/Leave of Absence


Honorable Discharge


If any clan member is leaving RTTC under favorable conditions they must put in a discharge notice.  As long as the clan member does that and it is under good conditions they can come back.  They must fill out an application again, but factoring in length of time gone and positive discharge there may be retention of rank or a slightly lower rank.


Dishonorable Discharge


Anyone who has been kicked out of the clan is not eligible for re-entry into RTTC.  There is no exception to this rule.  You only get to lose our trust once.


Leave of Absence


If you are leaving for an extended time (work, family issues, school, and vacation) let us know.  So that we don’t end up listing you as an inactive member.  After a year of inactivity the account will be discharged.  



      Cheating, Harassment, Accusations, Demotion


Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated by RTTC.  If you are caught cheating, boosting, and or modding you will excused from RTTC.  RTTC takes great pride in being honest and playing fairly.  We will not have our name tarnished because some lack the skills to get kills legitimately.  DO NOT CHEAT and be a member of RTTC. 


Harassment of clan members will not be tolerated.  While not everyone will get along it is imperative that we show each other some decorum.  Just because somebody might be better or worse than you doesn’t mean you have the right to make false accusations, go out of your way to be rude, and any other form of harassment.  RTTC is made up of adults we should act as such.  We are a team and everybody brings something to the table.  Anyone caught purposely harassing or being belligerent towards fellow clan members will be excused from RTTC or demoted.


RTTC will not tolerate harassment of fellow clan members or guests based on sex, creed, race, religion, or pretty much anything for that matter.  


This goes for the treatment of other teams especially in tournaments or game battles.  Harassment of other players, guests, and trial members can result in demotion or removal from RTTC.


All accusations/grievances must be submitted through the RTTC website using the CQC Ticket.  All accusations and grievances must be written in detail and written truthfully.  The accuser and griever bare the burden of proof.  Judgment will be made by the Generals and Commander.  Once a judgment has been made the decision is final. 

Demotion of rank can happen to someone who doesn’t follow the rules, cheats, is disrespectful to other clan members or somebody of a higher rank, failure to do the duties the your new position requires, the loss of trust from RTTC, and abuse of power.  Demotion of a clan member will discussed among the Majors, Lt. Colonels, Colonels, Generals, and Commanders.  Demotions of a Major to General will be handled by the Commanders.  Depending on the reason, a clan member may or may not get their rank reinstated from being demoted.  Majors, Colonels, and Generals, unless they stepped down on their own accord with good standing, cannot be promoted to those ranks again after they had been demoted.



The ranks are broken into three categories.  They are enlisted, warrant officers, and officers.  


The enlisted ranks go from private to sergeant major.  These ranks are earned through time and grade or promotion.

Warrant Officers

Warrant Officer rank is earned through time and grade up to chief warrant officer 4.  That is the last rank rank you can earn through time and grade alone.  Chief warrant officer 5 is a rank earned because you were chosen for that rank.


Officers are chosen because they have earned the right to become an officer.  Only officers can promote enlisted members.  Only colonels can promote enlisted and warrant officers.


Though time and grade are the factors for promotion, there can also be merit promotions.  If an officer feels that someone enlisted deserves a promotion then they will seek approval of someone who is general and up.  Once approval is given then the person has earned a merit promotion.  

Majors, Lt. Colonels, Colonels, Generals, and Commanders are the only ones who can promote members to officers.  



The Commanders/Founders (Vegas and Xtreme) reserve the right to make changes as needed. Promote and demote as needed.  Add and remove rules as needed.  


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